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antsordo.cracker.info Approval page in three languages

Built around Tradition around Germany
to preserve the ant as a creation to ensure its existence
and thus that of the human race.

For Europe and the rest of the world one-sided declaration of consent.

The transition secured for monachrchy / family rule to the republic and back.

Officially as a poor order without entrance fee but with principles that we should follow.

The heart is won no matter where your soul home is

Because you are not alone
Nobody should be left behind

Let's gather under a banner

So that it always has ants with their scent and action

Principles of the universe

1. The principle of the mind

2. The principle of analogy

3. The principle of vibration

4. The principle of polarity

5. The principle of the cycle

6. The principle of cause and effect

7. The principle of duality

Now put your hand on your heart and agree with the principles of existence.

"I agree"

Now we are a community and see that we will be fine - if possible.

Our special identifiers aid association einig.cracker.info (German)

You are now welcome as ants guardsmen in the sign of the blue shield it will succeed.

Letīs us start!
Aktuell seth.cracker.info

You are now welcome as ants guardsmen and Xaxians in the sign of the blue shield it will succeed.